Zawirowania Dance Theatre in Tbilisi


ZAWIROWANIA Dance Theatre from Poland and the Circe Platform / NNLE Three Hares from Georgia!

We are thrilled to announce that Zawirowania Dance Theatre is collaborating with Circe Platform / NNLE Three Hares from Georgia. Our company will be undertaking a residency in Tbilisi from 22nd to 30th May 2023. The primary objective of this project is to foster a new artistic partnership between artists from Georgia and Poland. A key highlight of the collaboration is the presentation of our performance titled „Empty Bodies,” choreographed by Karolina Kroczak in Georgia. This residency also includes a workshop on feminism and contemporary dance led by Elwira Piorun and Patrycja Nosiadek, specifically designed for the local dance community in Tbilisi. The encounter between Zawirowania Dance Theatre and Circe Platform aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, and practices in the realm of performative tools, incorporating contemporary trends in dance, theatre, and visual art. We are grateful for the support received from the Culture Moves Europe programme, which has enabled the participation of three members from Zawirowania Dance Theatre: Włodzimierz Kaczkowski, Elwira Piorun, and Patrycja Nosiadek.

Join us in watching the captivating moments of our workshop with Elwira Piorun and Patrycja Nosiadek! 🌟 On the 28th of May 2023, we had the incredible opportunity to host a transformative workshop for the vibrant dance community in Tbilisi. Now, we invite you to witness the magic captured in our exclusive movie material.

Captivating Workshop on Feminism in Dance: Elwira Piorun and Patrycja Nosiadek Empower the Tbilisi Dance Community!

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